Sticky Thermal Solution

Fujipoly announces the introduction of Sarcon® GR-Tac, a highly conformable and durable .25mm thick polyester reinforced thermal interface material.  Sarcon® 25GR-Tac is easy to install and typically does not require adhesive due to its naturally tacky consistency. These inherent material characteristics make it ideal for applications where surface space and surface textures vary.


GR-Tac is a very economical thermal interface solution and is suited for both low and high-volume production runs. When placed between a heat source such as a high-performance semiconductor and a nearby heat sink, this Sarcon® TIM will transfer heat with a thermal conductivity of 1.5 W/m°K and a thermal resistance as low as .33 °Cin2/W.  Due to its reinforced polyester mesh construction, this gap filler pad is the perfect choice for most die-cut installations.  It is available in sheets up to 300 x 200mm.