Star Trek Tricorder Inspires Inventors to Create Medical Scanning Devices

Tricorder | In Compliance Magazine

Ten teams are in the running for a $10 million prize to create a medical scanning device inspired by the Tricorder from Star Trek. The project is funded by Qualcomm to promote research and development of precision diagnostic medical equipment.

The teams were given a list of parameters to use in the development of their device. The device must be easy to use and non-invasively record heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation. In addition to capturing vital statistics, the device must also diagnose 13 core diseases and three additional health conditions determined by the team. The next step of the Tricorder XPrize challenge will test the scanners through a diagnostic competition using 15 to 30 patients while judges review the patients’ experience. The winners are scheduled to be revealed in early 2016.

Watch a video to learn more about the goals and benefits of the Tricorder XPrize challenge. 

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