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  • CISPR 12
    CISPR 12:2007+A1:2009 The limits in this International Standard are designed to provide protection for broadcast receivers in the frequency range of 30 MHz to 1 000 MHz when used in the residential environment. Compliance with this standard may not provide adequate protection for new types of(...)
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  • IEC 60041
    Specifies methods for any size and type of impulse or reaction turbine, storage pump or pump turbine. Determines whether the contract guarantees have been fulfilled and deals with the rules governing these tests as well as the methods of computing the results and the content and style of the(...)
  • IEC 60045-1
    Applies to steam turbines driving generators for electrical power services. Includes provisions relevant to turbines for other applications.
  • IEC 60050-394
    This part of IEC 60050 gives the general terminology used for instruments (in nuclear instrumentation). The terminology related to physical phenomena and basic concepts of nuclear instrumentation is developed in another part of IEV.
  • IEC 60050-415
    It has the status of a horizontal standard in accordance with IEC Guide 108.
  • IEC 60050-617
    IEC 60050-617:2009 has been published as a consequence of deregulation of the electricity market, it appeared necessary to establish a common glossary with those terms defining actors in the market, interface between actors and the technical or financial terms having a specific meaning in the(...)
  • IEC 60308
    Deals with the definition and the characteristics of control systems. It is not limited to the actual controller tasks but also includes other tasks which may be assigned to a control system, such as sequence control tasks, safety and provision for the actuating energy.
  • IEC 60313
    Recommends a limited family of preferred standard coaxial connectors for nuclear laboratory instruments. Applies to coaxial connectors for electrical instruments used in nuclear laboratories.
  • IEC 60335-2-104
    Deals with the safety of electrical appliances to recover and/or recycle refrigerant from air conditioning and refrigeration equipment incorporating open drive or motor-compressors. The maximum rated voltage being not more than 250V for single phase appliances and 600V for all other appliances.
  • IEC 60364-7-712
    Apply to the electrical installations of PV power supply systems including systems with AC modules
  • IEC 60412
    Gives guidelines for scintillation detectors nomenclature (identification) and standard dimensions of scintillators. Is applicable to all types of solid organic and inorganic scintillators used in detectors for scintillation counting and spectrometry.
  • IEC 60462
    IEC 60462:2010(E) establishes test procedures for photomultiplier tubes (PMT) for scintillation and Cherenkov detectors.
  • IEC 60498
    Applies to coaxial connectors associated with electrical measuring instruments used in nuclear instrumentation. Establishes standard dimensions of the mating parts, construction and mounting rules, voltage rating and test voltages, mininium insulation requirements, maximum contact resistances(...)
  • IEC 60515
    Describes characteristics and tests methods for gas-filled radiation detectors used for the protection of nuclear reactors. Applies to the radiation detectors which are installed external to the core of nuclear reactors and which provide electrical input signals to the reactor's control and(...)
  • IEC 60568
    Provides guidance for the design of in-core instrumentation for neutron fluence rate measurements in thermal neutron reactors designed for power production. Applies to on-line in-core neutron detectors, together with associated components and instrumentation, designed for purposes important to(...)
  • IEC 60609-2
    This standard serves as a basis for the formulation of guarantees on cavitation pitting on Pelton turbine runners. It also provides a basis for the measurement and evaluation of the amount of cavitation pitting on Pelton turbine runners of a given turbine, which is defined in the contract by(...)
  • IEC 60671
    Lays down principles for testing I&C systems performing category A, B and C functions, per IEC 61226, during normal power operation and shutdown, so as to check the functional availability especially with regard to the detection of faults that could prevent the proper operation of the(...)
  • IEC 60677
    Recommendations are presented for uniform practice with regard to block transfers in CAMAC modular instrumentation and digital interface systems of IEC 60516.
  • IEC 60709
    Defines the technical requirements to be met for I&C systems important to safety and their cables, in order to achieve adequate physical separation between redundant sections of a system and between a system and another system.
  • IEC 60713
    Presents a set of software subroutines to provide a general capability for communications with CAMAC systems as defined in IEC 60516
  • IEC 60737
    IEC 60737:2010 deals with specific requirements for nuclear applications of temperature sensors. It provides guidance which will help to ensure that the reactor conditions do not damage the temperature sensors; it ensures that the in-core temperature measuring system and the sensor(...)
  • IEC 60768
    IEC 60768:2009 provides criteria for the design, selection, testing, calibration and functional location of equipment for the monitoring of radioactive substances within plant-process streams during normal operation conditions and anticipated operational occurrences. Is only applicable to(...)
  • IEC 60772
    Applies to cable penetrations in reactor containments. Covers the engineered safety requirements to be in the design, calculation, fabrication, assembly, testing, installation and maintenance of cable penetrations. Describes the requirements for the design, construction, test and installation(...)
  • IEC 60775
    Applies to CAMAC systems as defined in IEC 60516. The generic standard for BASIC includes a real-time enhancement which is necessarily general. This standard defines specific syntax and semantics for use with CAMAC.
  • IEC 60780
    Describes successively the general qualification process, the qualification procedures and methods to be used and the associated documentation. Is applicable to electrical equipment of safety systems used in nuclear power plants.
  • IEC 60860
    Applies to equipment intended to detect ionizing radiation from, and provide warning of, a criticality accident. Specifies the general characteristics, operating characteristics, electrical, mechanical, safety and environmental characteristics, test procedures and documentation.
  • IEC 60880
    Provides requirements for the software of computer-based instrumentation and control (I&C) systems of nuclear power plants performing functions of safety category A as defined by IEC 61226. Provides requirements for the purpose of achieving highly reliable software.
  • IEC 60891
    IEC 60891:2009 defines procedures to be followed for temperature and irradiance corrections to the measured I-V (current-voltage) characteristics of photovoltaic devices. It also defines the procedures used to determine factors relevant for these corrections.
  • IEC 60904-1
    Describes procedures for the measurement of current-voltage characteristics of photovoltaic devices in natural or simulated sunlight. Lays down basic requirements for the measurement, defines procedures for different measuring techniques in use and shows practices for minimising measurement(...)
  • IEC 60904-10
    IEC 60904-10:2009 describes procedures used to determine the degree of linearity of any photovoltaic device parameter with respect to a test parameter. It is primarily intended for use by calibration laboratories, module manufacturers and system designers.