Sorensen Lab DC Power Supply Extends Capabilities with PowerFlex Switch-Mode Technology

AMETEK Programmable Powerhas expanded its Sorensen XPF60-20 Series line of DC laboratory power supplies. The new XPF60-20S unit is a single output version of the dual output XPF60-20D. It provides up to 60V and 20A within its 420W power envelope, all in a one quarter rack width x 3U height that uses the minimum possible space for either bench or rack mounting.

Since the XPF60-20S has manual control, it will most often find use in conventional bench-top use. The Series, which offers both analog and digital control, features easier-to-use analog controls without sacrificing digital stability.

The Sorensen XPF60-20S and 20D outperform competitive units due to Sorensen’s PowerFlex switch mode technology design. PowerFlex switch-mode technology generates higher currents at lower voltages within an overall power limit envelope. This is an advantage over traditional power supplies that have a fixed current limit for a power capability that reduces directly with the output voltage.

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