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Small Cell, Laptop, and Tablet SAR Emissions Measurement System

“ART-BODY is the first instant SAR measurement system with a fixed probe-array for large devices,” Dr. Benoît Derat said, CEO of ART-Fi. “It is used for SAR measurement of all kinds of small cells, laptops, and tablets, and measures body SAR as specified in the IEC 62232 and IEC 62209-2 standards.”

Small cells, divided into Microcells, Picocells, and Femtocells, are like lesser base stations that extend mobile coverage into areas where coverage is poor or needs to be improved. Femtocells, the smallest type of small cell, is the size of a normal WiFi router and is used in homes or small offices that have poor coverage.  Microcells, the largest type of small cell, are often used in areas of mass congregation where many people need cellular service simultaneously, like sporting events.

Like all wireless solutions, new small cell products cannot hit the market without first undergoing RF exposure assessment to comply with relevant RF exposure limits.

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“What makes the ART-BODY special is that it takes just a few seconds to make a measurement, and the probe-array is fixed thereby making the system more accurate. Current systems sweep the probe-array across the device, creating difficulties in making an accurate assessment,” said Dr. Derat. “Manufacturers that want to see their new product arrive quickly and safely to market stand to benefit greatly from the ART-BODY measurement system.”

The ART-BODY system is available with IEC or FCC broadband tissue simulation materials, or as an ART-BODY Combo that includes both types.

On the consumer device side, as of October, 2015, most laptops and tablets are connecting to the internet via WiFi, with only some devices including mobile technology onboard. With LTE-U about to borrow bandwidth on the unlicensed spectrum, and the push by some network operators to end free and unlimited tethering, will every laptop and tablet soon come equipped with mobile technology?

SAR measurement system “We may be close to the point where all of our laptops, tablets, and even IoT devices are on 5G. All those devices will need to be under limits on SAR emissions. At the same time, the small cell market is being aggressively pushed by network operators, because it’s a more cost-efficient way to improve coverage than opening more base stations. We designed the ART-BODY to respond to these exciting changes for society and the needs of the mobile industry,” concluded Dr. Derat.

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