Slaughter Company (SCI) Announces the Release of their All-New 260 Series of Ground Bond Testers

SCISCI (Slaughter Company Inc.), the leader in making electrical safety simple, announced the addition of the 260 Series of Ground Bond testers to their product line.  An improved interface that eliminates confusing menus and redundant button pushes allows manufacturers to set-up and run Ground Bond tests in a matter of seconds. The 260 Series also provides common sense security settings that make it easy to set the permission levels. With five programmable memories and a rugged and reliable design, the 260 Series is well suited for production line applications. Optional USB interface provides a simple way for manufactures to automate their production line.

The 260 Series features the following models:


264 40 Amp Ground Bond Tester $1699
266 60 Amp Ground Bond Tester $2999


The 260 Series is safety agency listed and will be available in early January, 2016.

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