Slaughter Company, Inc. Announces Release of Electrical Safety Compliance Test Systems That Performs the Four Most Common Safety Tests

Slaughter Company, Inc. has announced the release of their new line of electrical safety test systems that will perform the four most common safety tests, AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance and Ground Bond.  The test systems include a 2900 Series Hipot tester and 2600 Series Ground Bond tester.  These two families can be interconnected to form a complete test system, which enables manufacturers to perform these electrical safety tests with a single point of control.  This is beneficial for manufacturers, specifically for those that need to perform a higher current Ground Bond tests together with Hipot tests.

The all new electrical safety test system series is a convenient and easy way to expand test functionality and maintain a single point of control.  These test systems are ideal for both production and laboratory use because it provides a unique feature set at a competitive price point.  All test systems are safety agency listed and are perfect for adhering to NRTL safety standard requirements.

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