Six Scientists and Engineers Honored as 2013 Stanford Engineering Heroes

Six people, recognized as having advanced the course of human, social and economic progress through engineering and science, were selected as this year’s Stanford Engineering Heroes. The six worldwide innovators and leaders represent fields from aeronautics to economics to electrical engineering.

The six Stanford Engineering Heroes are:

Kenneth Arrow – Nobel Prize-winning economist who was one of the first to note the existence of a learning curve and taught in the Department of Management Science and Engineering

Sergey Brin and Larry Page – Computer scientists who turned a student project into the world’s leading web search company and developed the “Pagerank” algorithm that calculates a web page’s relevance based on the number of other pages linked to it.

Ed Ginzton – Electrical engineer who was a pioneer in the development of the klystron radio tube for use in radar and linear accelerators and World War II veteran

Irmgard Flügge-Lotz – Stanford’s first female professor of engineering who worked on discontinuous automatic control, laying the foundation for automatic on-off control systems in aircrafts

Sally Ride – the first woman to fly into space and was an advocate for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education

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