Single IC-pin Measurement Possible with the ESD Generator from Langer EMV-Technik GmbH

Single IC-pin Measurement Possible with the ESD Generator | In Compliance Magazine

Langer EMV-Technik GmbH has introduced model P331-2 probe, an ESD generator in accordance with IEC 61000-4-2. The mini ESD generator design allows direct contact to IC pins, and is designed for measurements on all types of IC pins, particularly for measurements on high-speed interfaces such as USB, LVDS, Ethernet, etc. The design of the P331-2 mini ESD generator also does not allow radiated electric or magnetic emissions to emerge from its housing.

Special two-pole inductive or capacitive couplers are suitable coupling networks. The P331-2 ESD generator can couple to an individual IC pin either directly or via a single-pole coupling network. The coupling networks have to be arranged externally adjacent to the IC pins. The P331-2 can be used to test an IC’s ESD protection circuits. The P331-2 enables the determination of the pulse immunity levels of individual IC pins. Any IC pin can be contacted with the probe directly and individually. For measurements with a coupling network, the coupling network that is suitable for the respective measurement task is soldered to the IC pin. The circuit’s behavior provides information about the respective pin’s immunity level.

The P331-2 probe is supplied and controlled by the BPS 203 burst power station. The pulse voltage, pulse frequency and pulse shape can be gradually modified with the BPS-Client control software. The injected ESD pulse can thus be defined precisely and reproduced at any time. Consequently, the IC immunity can be measured precisely on each individual pin. In addition, the TS 1002 IC test accessories set is needed for the test IC measurement set-up. More accessories (oscilloscope, PC) may be required depending on the measurement task.

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