SIGLENT TECHNOLOGIES Introduces Handheld Spectrum and Vector Network Analyzer

SIGLENT TECHNOLOGIES has introduced the SHA850A series, its first handheld spectrum and vector network analyzer.

The SHA850A series is highly integrated and specifically designed for field operation. It is lightweight and portable with accurate measurements and flexible analysis capabilities. This handheld spectrum and vector network analyzer can easily handle advanced characterization or signal capture applications in harsh working environments.

SIGLENT’S SHA850A series is a complete portable solution that provides professional accuracy with flexible analysis capabilities. In spectrum analyzer mode, it can measure up to 7.5 GHz. The DANL is as low as -165 dBm, which can effectively identify small signal levels. The single sideband phase noise is <-104 dBc/Hz @1 GHz with a 10 kHz offset. An independent full frequency source and a 25 dB preamplifier is standard, providing fast scanning speed and high sensitivity for a variety of applications.

The SHA850A series’ measurable frequency range in vector network analyzer mode and cable and antenna measurement mode is from 100 kHz to 7.5 GHz with a dynamic range as high as 114 dB. This critical range makes the SHA850A series suitable for applications such as measuring the passband and out-of-band rejection performance of filters at the same time as well as measuring narrow-band devices with high rejection.


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