SI2 Technologies Recognized as First Member of NextFlex Institute

nextflex award

SI2’s Kunze receiving NextFlex award from Thompson

NextFlex, a private-public partnership whose mission is to advance U.S. manufacturing of flexible hybrid electronics (FHE), presented SI2 an award to recognize the company for being the first member of the consortium. S12 is a Massachusetts-based RF and sensor systems company that was founded in 2003.

SI2 is proud to be the first NextFlex member and receive this award. We have worked in this field for many years and our strategy in flexible and conformal electronics aligns extremely well with the NextFlex mission.

Joseph Kunze, SI2, President and CEO

As the newest Manufacturing Innovation Institute, NextFlex focuses on FHE, which are new forms of electronics that integrate bulk integrated circuits and printed devices in flexible systems that can bend, fold, stretch and conform. The institute comprises a network of Nodes, including one located in S12’s state of Massachusetts. NextFlex Executive Director Malcolm Thompson said, “It is particularly important to our mission of advancing domestic manufacturing that SI2 is a small business.”

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