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Shielding Solutions for eSIMs in Digital Forensics

Discover how to protect against eSIM-enabled devices that threaten digital forensics

The ability to remotely reprogram and rewrite the data on a device through an eSIM-enabled cellular connection leads to a risk of erasing information that may be crucial to a criminal investigation. The goal of digital forensics is to preserve the state of a device and the data stored within it during handling and analysis throughout the entire lifetime of a case. Learn how law enforcement agencies can use shielded bags and shielded enclosures as risk mitigation tools to protect cyber evidence.

  1. Understand the risks of eSIMs for digital forensics applications.
  2. Discover how shielding solutions can contribute to a robust risk mitigation strategy.
  3. Learn the advantages and use cases of shielded bags and shielded enclosures.

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