Semi-Automatic Microhardness Testing System is Easy and Accurate

HMV G21Newage Testing Instruments, a unit of AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration, has added the semi-automatic HMV-G21 to its family of microhardness testing systems. The HMV-G Series measures the hardness of small parts and metallic structures used in precision equipment, processed surface layers, and metal plating layers, making it especially well-suited for metallographic research and product quality control.

The new semi-automatic HMV-G21 features automatic length measurement, which makes it easy to use and helps minimize human error. It delivers fast and accurate test results, with samples being read in just 0.3 seconds. The series features an open G-shaped framed frame that disperses test loads uniformly and offers a large workspace, so that long and narrow samples can easily be tested. Additional features include: a built-in CCD Camera, high-precision C.A.M.S. software, ISO 17025 and ISO 16949 adherence, and optional accessories so the HMV-G21 can be customized to meet a specific testing needs.

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