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Second Generation of MVG FlashRad™ for Monitoring EMF levels

With EMF Monitoring becoming a standard fixture as part of the equipment at telecomms manufacturer’s test locations worldwide, MVG realized a need to improve product monitoring capability. MVG (Microwave Vision Group) presents the second generation of FlashRad, which has been further developed to support the industry’s latest frequencies and device sensitivity to monitor excessive EMF radiation both in workplace and public environments.

MVG’s FlashRad mornitoring system has been a popular way of measuring excessive EMF radiation. This second generation FlashRad will now monitor frequencies down to 700Mhz and detect EMF levels lower than 0.5V/m.

Talking about this latest MVG development, Jim Acree, Senior RF Safety Engineer at Microwave Vision said “There is now clearly an increased awareness and proactive approach by companies towards EMF safety for employees. The ever growing use of mobile wireless technology has led to an increasing number of test locations, both at manufacturers of wireless products and telecom providers. EMF Monitoring is quickly becoming a standard part of the equipment at these test locations worldwide.”

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FlashRad second generation, although recently launched, has been well received by the industry with 20 indoor installations at the Base Station Transceiver (BTS) Lab of a US based telecom provider and a further 8 at a telecom manufacturer’s facility to ensure workplace safety.

MVG’s FlashRad automatically triggers sound and flash alarms whenever predetermined thresholds for EMF exposure are exceeded, whether signals are continuous or short-pulsed. FlashRad can also send the information that triggered the alarm to a connected computer, where data can be stored for compliance or further alerting. Larger sites can be equipped with more than one FlashRad, acting as a sensor array, all reporting in real-time to a connected computer.

FlashRad’s thresholds can be set in the factory but are also fully adjustable by the user who can adjust the alarm trigger level based on the location, regulatory changes, or the requirements of government safety and employment agencies. FlashRad detectors can be installed on building walls or roofs and are resistant to extreme temperatures (-15 °C/ 5F +50 °C / 120F) and humidity (up to 95% humidity). For more information, view FlashRad online.

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