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Science Publishing Group to Allow Open Access to Journals

They say knowledge is power, and that is absolutely true when it comes to the world of science. Without the ability to look at the work and research of others, most scientists would be unable to move forward with their own experiments and innovations. The free sharing of ideas and resources is part of what makes science so great; and more information becoming available to the public is indeed a cause for serious celebration.

Science Publishing Group has announced it will become a scholarly Open Access publisher. This means that the over 300 online peer-reviewed journals will be available for download by the general public. This is big news, as it opens up a whole potential world of knowledge and encourages the sharing of ideas and information. Many of these journals are on the cutting edge of technology, providing readers with insights they would otherwise never get to experience.

Science Publishing Group has bucked the trend of retaining copyright over its vast array of articles. Generally, if someone is interested in a particular article they first have to get approval from the publisher. More often than not, there are fees involved and a number of rules and restrictions that must be adhered to — and some of those fees are prohibitively high.

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But not with Science Publishing Group; the publisher has instead decided to encourage the concept that information should be free, allowing researchers and consumers alike to take a look at hundreds of scientific journals. Scientists and students alike are excited by this turn of events, as it allows them to gain a look at information that would otherwise be beyond them — or at least, not without paying a possibly heavy fee.

Science Group Publishing hopes that this move will encourage other publishers to waive their copyright control and allow scientific journals to be free and open access. When information is easily accessible and comes without a price tag, the scientific community as a whole benefits. Who knows what inventions and discoveries will arise as a result? The possibilities are simply endless.

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