Schurter Launches First Cord Retaining System for IEC C8 Appliance Inlets

Schurter has expanded its broad range of cord retaining systems to include a new retaining clip for IEC C8 inlets and mating cord sets. The new clip is a further addition to the already successful wide range of Schurter cord retaining systems.

The IEC C8 inlet can save up to 34 percent of space compared to the C14/C17 inlet with wire-bail system and therefore allows for equipment downsizing, depending on the power requirements of the application. In addition, the new cord retaining system is more efficient, with only one screw required to fasten it to the panel. The system is sold as a complete kit including retainer clip, inlet and power supply cord. The clip is also available separately for retrofitting. The retaining clip is designed and tested to achieve a 200 N retention force with Schurter C8 inlets and mating cord. While other cord sets on the market may be compatible, technical specifications apply to Schurter types. The corresponding C7 power supply cords according to IEC 60320 are available in lengths of two or four meters and can be fitted with European or American plugs as required.

The new C8 cord retaining system is ideal for Audio/Sound systems, IT equipment and medical devices. More information on the 2576 and 2578 kits can be found at