Schurter EMC Filters for High Power Inverters Rid Noise on Both AC and DC Lines

Schurter has announced the introduction of the FMCC SOL to its filter line up, designed for high attenuation of electromagnetic interference in 3-Phase systems. Rated currents range from 150 to 2500 A at 520 or 760 V. The filter is considerably compact, and lightweight, relative to its high performance.

As demand for more powerful and physically larger renewable energy systems increases, so too does the demand for increased system efficiency. This is achieved through higher performing sub-systems and ultimately the components within them. The FMCC SOL complements Schurter’s existing FMER SOL DC filter for use in inverters where both AC and DC lines require filtering, such as those used for photovoltaic and wind harvesting systems.

The FMCC SOL is also ideal for solo use in 3-Phase grid-connected industrial and commercial systems. Current ratings are provided for ambient temperatures of +50 °C, as well as +40 °C. Connections are made with bolt and nut or copper bars. Other connection types are possible, as well as modifications to the housing for custom fit. The FMCC SOL is UL approved with VDE approval pending.

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