SATIMO Industries Renamed MVG Industries

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Satimo Industries, the manufacturing division of SATIMO’s innovative and unique “multiprobe” technology for fast, accurate measurement and visualisation of electromagnetic fields, will operate under their new name, MVG Industries.

Commenting on the renaming to MVG Industries, Arnaud Gandois, Chief Executive Officer of MVG Industries said, “The renaming of Satimo to MVG has already commenced, and coincides with our global vision to bring MVG’s products together under one strong brand. Our name is what differentiates us in a competitive market place. It reflects MVG’s drive to use our many years expertise to continue to develop and deliver highly innovative products of the best quality.”

MVG is an industry leader in electromagnetic field measurements in the microwave frequency range. MVG’s unique technology, MV-ScanTM  “microwave eye,” is 100 to 1000 times faster than traditional technologies, which use a single, mechanically-moved probe, demonstrating MVG’s pioneering approach to development.

Arnaud continued, “This is an exciting time for MVG as we witness continual and global growth. Our aim is to harmonize our divisions under one umbrella, making it easier for customers to recognize our products and creating a stronger and more uniform company  presence both on and offline.”

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Photo by nudelbach