Safety Products To Help Meet Upcoming EU Directive

safety meterAR meters, sensor heads, and analyzers Provide a Simpler Solution to EMF Measurement. In today’s world, electromagnetic (EM) fields in the workplace are becoming more and more numerous and their intensities are increasing. As a result, concerns for employee safety with respect to these EM fields is also increasing. On July 1st, 2016, EU Directive 2013/35/EU will be enforced.

This directive will impose strict EM field guidelines on all EU member states in relation to worker safety. Per Article 4 of this directive, each workplace in the affected member states must assess all EM fields that may risk worker safety, measure the strength of these fields and verify their compliance or suffer harsh penalties.

AR’s new line of EM safety products provides the means to satisfy these new responsibilities. These portable and compact instruments operate over a wide range of frequencies and field strengths while maintaining a small handheld footprint. They are user-friendly and provide very reliable measurements. In addition, they have a large data capacity and can record GPS co-ordinates which can later be viewed through mapping software.

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