Saelig Introduces GPS-Guided TCXO Oscillator With or Without Built-in GPS Receiver

Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the RSGGO10T3G and RSGGO10T3P reference oscillators with the same form factor as standard ovenized crystal oscillators (OCXO – 1″x1″) but instead of a current-hungry oven they contain a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator with 100ppb stability locked to a 1 pulse per second (1pps) signal from an external (T3P) or integrated (T3G) GPS receiver.  A combination of novel circuits, special firmware algorithms, conformal-coating, and patented nanotechnology provide a low-current miniature unit with very high performance at an attractive price.

 The RSGGO10T3x reaches its specified accuracy of better than 5 x 10E10 within two minutes after GPS lock – a much shorter time than an OCXO. The standard module frequency is 10MHz, but other frequencies are available on request.  The output is a filtered 3.3V square-wave with a low phase noise of -155 dBc/Hz typical @ 10kHz offset and -157 dBc typical noise floor. Under normal circumstances with average GPS jitter the accuracy will be 1x10E10. This is one of the biggest advantages of the RSGGO10T3x – it doesn’t have to be powered 24/7 to be stable.

Swiss-made by RF Suisse AG, a leading-edge designer of RF sources, RSGGO10T3x modules are available now from their USA distributor Saelig Company. Inc. Email or visit for additional information.