Rohde & Schwarz RTO Oscilloscopes Verify USB Interface Compliance

Rohde & Schwarz has announced new software for their high-performance oscilloscopes that is ideal for automated USB 2.0 compliance tests.  The software offers scenarios for testing USB 2.0 devices (DUT) when functioning as a device, host or hub. The different tests verify the signal quality, exchange of data packets, timing between transmitter and receiver, receiver sensitivity and much more.

The R&S RTO-K21 USB 2.0 compliance software runs on a PC and controls the oscilloscope and the DUT, which is connected via a test fixture. Reports are automatically generated and users have the ability to add measurement details and screenshots. The R&S RTO-K21 USB 2.0 compliance software and R&S RT-ZF1 test fixture set are now available.

For more information, contact Rohde & Schwarz in North America at 888-837-8772 or