RFID Technology Allows Robots to Find Tagged Objects

Robots Use RFID Tags to Find Objects | In Compliance Magazine

A team of engineers developed a new search algorithm that allows robots to use RFID-technology to improve the robot’s ability to find objects labeled with self-adhesive RFID tags. The algorithm was tested using a modified PR2 robot equipped with directional antennas. The antennas allow the robot to receive stronger signals from a tagged object when they are close to it, similar to the childhood game “Hotter/Colder.”

The technology was tested using common household objects, like medication bottles, television remotes, phones, and a hair brush. The use of future home robots would be ideal for helping individuals with medication by identifying the correct medication through the unique RFID tag and delivering it to a specific person.

Watch a demonstration of a PR2 robot using signal strength of RFID tags to find household objects.

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