RF Shielded Enclosures Now Available for Rent from Select Fabricators, Inc.

Select Fabricators, Inc. realizing that test labs and agencies need RF shielded enclosures for temporary and/or time-critical testing has established a rental program for its SFi RF Shielded Enclosure Systems.

Renting an RF shielded enclosure from Select Fabricators, Inc. is the latest solution for electronic test, electronic security and wireless organizations for
•    Just in Time Testing
•    Pre-Test Evaluation
•    Short Duration Testing

These RF shielded enclosures are made in the USA with double-wall, durable, lightweight Silver/Copper/Nickel conductive fabric. SFi’s portable units use Faraday cage shielding principles that reduce the level of radio frequency (RF) signals entering or leaving the structure.

Frequency Attenuation (dB)
150 KHz -67
400 MHz -86
1 GHz -88
10 GHz -83

(IEEE Std 299 Modified Average Shielding Double Wall Enclosure with ESD liner)

SFi’s RF Shielded Enclosures can be rented on a monthly basis with a rebate offered on purchase within a year. Three RF Shielded enclosures sizes are available for rent in the program:
•    7’ x 7’ x 6.5’
•    4’ x 4’ x 7’
•    3’ x 2’ x 2’

Complete specifications and rental information is available from Select Fabricators’ website: www.select-fabricators.com.  Select Fabricators, Inc. manufactures RF/EMI shielded enclosures, flexible packaging and cleanroom assemblies as well as contract product assembly and fulfillment for the electronics, wireless, aerospace and defense industries.