RF Connector With Built-in Locking Feature

Photo Source: I-PEX

Photo Source: I-PEX

Designers concerned about RF connectors that disengage from the PCB on high shock and vibration applications can rely on a new connector with a built-in locking feature.

The new MHF brand I LK Micro  RF Coaxial Connector and Wire Harness from I-PEX is designed with a built-in lock that keeps the connector in place on the PCB.  Designers no longer have to adhere their RF connectors with messy epoxy or adhesive.  This new locking mechanism keeps the connector in place on the board, increasing productivity and reliability.  This connector has the same features as the tiny MHF I Connector, which is used to connect antennas to radios and for testing radios while maximizing performance within minimal space.  Because of the tiny size of the connector, engineers have greater flexibility in designing their PCBs.

This connector supports many of the new transmission standards, including Wi-Fi®, 4G LTE, Bluetooth®, GPS, M2M, IoT. SigFox, WiSUN, NB-IoT and LoRa®. They are ideal for high shock and vibration applications, particularly in the automotive, airline and drone industries.

The MHF I LK Connectors are available in a variety of cable sizes and lengths: O.D. 0.81 mm, 1.13 mm, 1.32 mm, 1.37 mm and 1.80 mm.

Keeping the connectors in place gives designers the freedom to focus on their own innovative solutions.

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