RF Coaxial Lightning Protection from NexTex

RF Coaxial Lightning Protection from NexTex | In Compliance Magazine

NexTek is proud to offer world-class lightning protection for most any Cable, Satellite, or Closed Circuit TV system.  When lightning strikes nearby, protect the expensive equipment connected to cable systems:  Flat screen TVs, Modems, Multi-Camera DVR systems, Cable Boxes, etc.

The PTC-F02 is a high performance surge protector that is guaranteed to have zero effect on Signal & Picture quality when installed, but will also provide protection against up to 20,000 amps of lightning energy if there is a strike nearby.

Read NexTek’s Application Note covering this type of application. The application note details where and how to install the 75ohm PTC-F02 arrestor to ensure your TV system is protected.

For more information about NexTek’s cable TV surge protection products, visit http://nexteklightning.com/products/Arrestors/Standard/Cable.html.

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