Research Studies Presented on Gigabit Wireless Communications

Two research papers on the potential of the millimeter-wave band (58-63 GHz) were presented by University of Bristol researchers at the IEEE WCNC Conference last week. This band could be an ideal solution for short-range gigabit wireless communications, but there has been a lack of investigation of the ability of frequency reuse at 60GHz.

The first paper discusses how enhanced technologies and algorithms could increase the data capacity and density of short range wireless networks. Through research, the team at Bristol found using polarimetric filtering could enable an increase in density of active data links and the capacities of the data links are 100 times better than data links using current WiFi technology. The second paper focused on using beamforming as a way to provide multi-gigabit connections for 4G and 5G cellular base stations and the network. The researchers developed a beamforming algorithm to increase the range and data rate and reduce interference.

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