Reliant EMC – York EMC Services has 6 Enhanced CNE III Kits Available

If you are a current owner of an CNE III from York EMC Services and would like to purchase additional CNE III’s, this is your opportunity!

Reliant EMC currently has six Enhanced CNE III kits available!

The Enhanced CNE III Kit Includes:

  • CNE III 9 kHz to 3.5 GHz comparison noise emitter
  • TLM01 (100 mm long top-loaded monopole, 200 MHz to 1 GHz optimum)
  • TLM02 (270 mm long top-loaded monopole, 30 MHz to 300 MHz optimum)
  • MCN01 monocone antenna (1 GHz to 3.5 GHz optimum with CNE III)
  • LSA03 LISN adapter
  • Manual
  • Case
  • CAL01 (output power from 9 kHz to 5GHz measured using a spectrum analyzer)

Reliant EMC LLC is the exclusive distributor for York EMC Services. Contact Reliant EMC at (408) 600-1472 to order your CNE III kit today!