Reliant EMC: The Authorized North American Distributor for LaPlace Instruments, OnFILTER and York EMC Services

Reliant EMC has announced they are the authorized North American distributor for LaPlace Instruments, OnFILTER and York EMC Services. Reliant EMC provides cost effective and practical solutions for EMC testing. Located in San Jose, CA, the company offers first class support for emission and immunity testing requirements.
The LaPlace product line consists of spectrum analyzers, RF amplifiers, RF synthesizers, harmonics and flicker analyzer, LISNs, antennas, comb generators, LaplaCells and more. The OnFilter products are dedicated to reducing EMI common and differential mode noise influencing EMC testing, product functional testing, R&D board measurement, ESD environment in production and many other environments.  York EMC Services products include comb generators, noise generators, and much more.

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