Reliant EMC Now Distributing EMCIS EMI and Filter Design Test Equipment

Reliant EMC is now an authorized distributor of EMCIS EMI and Filter Design Test Equipment North, Central and South America.

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EMCIS Co. LTD. product line:

  • Comparison Reference Source
  • DC Bias Source
  • EMI Analyzers
  • Filter Analyzer
  • Filter Design Kit
  • LISN
  • Power Line Filter

EMCIS makes a scientific convenience solution of electromagnetic waves. In the 21st century, the abundance of digital devices has created a world full of electromagnetic waves. EMCIS develops and supplies EMI solutions to this problem of electromagnetic waves with economic and scientific solutions. For 2015 EMCIS has introduced a EMI filter and analyzer as part of their comprehensive product line.

Reliant EMC LLC is a leading distributor of EMC products to South, Central and North America, and with over 25 years experience providing EMC solutions, Reliant EMC looks forward to offering the EMCIS products to the Americas. Reliant EMC is your top source for test equipment that enables you to reduce cost and time by self testing and certifying your products for Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC).

Located in San Jose California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, Reliant EMC offers first  class support for all of your Emission and Immunity Testing requirements.

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