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Registration is now open for the 37th Annual EOS/ESD Symposium

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Register now for the 37th Annual EOS/ESD Symposium September 27- October 2, 2015 being held at the Peppermill resort Hotel in Reno, NV, USA.  Benchmark your company’s operation against the practices of other companies. Solve business challenges in controlling ESD by networking with other ESD professionals and industry experts to learn best practices and technology advances for ESD Control.

The EOS/ESD Symposium offers the unique opportunity to get a complete overview covering the latest progress in electrical overstress and electrostatic discharge protection technology. This special event combines emerging technology with advanced tutorials, technical presentations, exhibits of ESD control products and services, workshops, authors’ corners, exhibitors “Showcase” of ESD-mitigation products; giving a maximum value-added to the attendees. Highlights of the Symposium include:

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A Dash of Maxwell’s: A Maxwell’s Equations Primer – Part One

Solving Maxwell’s Equations for real-life situations, like predicting the RF emissions from a cell tower, requires more mathematical horsepower than any individual mind can muster. These equations don’t give the scientist or engineer just insight, they are literally the answer to everything RF.
  • Two Emerging Technology Seminars, targeted to experienced ESD designers and technologists who would like to learn more about upcoming technologies to better assess the impact on ESD design and ESD protection concepts. The two seminars are scheduled for Monday afternoon and are being presented by leading experts in their field, who will give the attendees an excellent insight into RF Frontend Integration and Circuit Technology and Shrinking Dimensions of Touch Screens.
  • The EOS/ESD Association is pleased to offer a two day condensed System and IC Designer EOS/ESD Symposium Bundle which includes two days of targeted IC and System Designer tutorials, technical sessions, and workshops in one convenient bundle.
  • Two “Year in Review” sessions on The Continued Evolution of CDM in Manufacturing, Design, Modeling, and Testing Standards and Understanding EOS in Automotive Industry.
  • 37 Tutorials to keep you current organized in 4 dedicated tracks for ESD device design, IC ESD design, system ESD design and ESD control. New courses include:
    • Novel Methods for Fixing ESD Issues in the Factory for Both Electronics & Explosive Products
    • Using Different Air Ionization Technologies and Measuring Process Effects
    • ESD Device Qualification Testing
  • Technical Sessions with over 50 engaging ESD presentations.
  • Workshops for stimulating discussions on ESD Design, Factory Control, and Testing.

Online registration is available at Visit  for additional details about this year’s event.  The EOS/ESD Association, Inc. is a not-for-profit, professional organization directed by volunteers dedicated to furthering the technology and understanding of electrical overstress and electrostatic discharge. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the EOS/ESD Association, Inc.  7900 Turin Rd., Bldg. 3, Rome, NY  13440-2069 USA. Phone: 315-339-6937. Email:

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