Recently Published Standard, IEC 60364 Part 7-712, for Solar Photovoltaic Power Supply Systems

Untitled-6The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has released IEC 60364-7-712:2017 for “Low voltage electrical installations – Part 7-712: Requirements for special installations or locations – Solar photovoltaic (PV) power supply systems” and is now available on the IEC webstore.

Description: “IEC 60364-7-712:2017 applies to the electrical installation of PV systems intended to supply all or part of an installation. The equipment of a PV installation, like any other item of equipment, is dealt with only so far as its selection and application in the installation is concerned. This new edition includes significant revisions and extensions, taking into account experience gained in the construction and operation of PV installations, and developments made in technology, since the first edition of this standard was published.


*Description from the IEC Website

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