Re-Engineered BB8-16 from B-Line Offers Enhanced Design and Reduced Labor Costs

Eaton announced that its B-Line division has re-engineered its BB8-16 box mounting bracket to further improve speed of installation based on feedback from end users. Ideal for pre-fab applications, the BB8-16 offers increased rigidity, compatibility with B-Line Division’s Rapid Ring™ Self-Adjusting Pre-Fab Ring and a variety of features to help ensure consistent installation.

Suited for conventional new construction, the new BB8-16 bracket is designed to take the guesswork out of installation by utilizing a pre-measured floor stand to ensure products are consistently mounted at a height of 18 inches. This unique feature allows for a reduction in installation time and added jobsite cost savings.

New BB8-16 box mounting brackets are compatible with 4 inch and 4 11/16 inch boxes, as well as one- and two-gang standard adjustable mudrings. Products can be assembled with an integral cable containment component to meet National Electric Code (NEC) 300.4D requirements and are Underwriter Laboratory (UL) listed in both the U.S. and Canada.  

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