RBD Instruments Improves Low DC Current Measurements with Actuel USB Picoammeter Sync Feature

RBD Instruments Inc. introduced a new feature to its Actuel data logging software that enables multiple 9103 USB picoammeters to be synced. This added feature opens up new applications for low DC current measurement.

The 9103 USB picoammeter is designed to provide reliable and accurate bipolar DC current measurements in the range of picoamps to milliamps.  A simple ASCII-based command structure enables users to quickly incorporate the 9103 into their own custom software application. The 9103 (named for the working current range from 10-9 amps to 10-3 amps) is quickly becoming a favorite tool for engineers and researchers who need not only an affordable way to measure low DC currents, but also want to plot the current versus an applied voltage.

The Actuel software included with the 9103 displays the measured current in a virtual panel meter on the PC monitor.  All functions, such as current range, sample time, bias, and grounding, can be changed by the user. Data can be logged and graphed in a variety of output options. The new sync feature allows multiple 9103 picoammeters to be operated simultaneously. The user has the ability to set a unique identifier for each 9103 in the string, thus making it possible to monitor current from multiple devices versus a single applied bias voltage.

An optional bias voltage is applied between the device and the picoammeter and can be either an internal +/- 90V DC low noise supply designed to reduce secondary electron emission in electron or ion current measurements in vacuum chambers, or you can input your own programmable low noise DC power supply. Applications for the 9103 USB picoammeter include photodiode current and leakage measurements, beam current measurements, conductivity measurements, circuit testing, and teaching labs.

For more information, visit www.rbdinstruments.com.