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Race-Tested Spring Improves Performance of Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

racingDesigners of consumer electric and hybrid vehicles are taking a page from the racing playbook, and using Bal Spring™ canted coil springs to improve vehicle efficiency, performance, and reliability.

The Bal spring, offered by Bal Seal Engineering, Inc., mechanically fastens, conducts electricity, and shields sensitive electronics from the harmful effects of EMI/RFI.  Although it enjoyed early adoption in high-end F1/FE platforms, the spring has gained use in a broad range of today’s advanced production E&HV applications, including power management, regenerative braking, steering, infotainment, and driver information systems.

“With their unique mechanical and electrical properties, our canted coil springs allow for more efficient design of regenerative braking and energy recovery systems that can capture the vehicle’s momentum and turn it into electricity that recharges the onboard battery as the vehicle is slowing down or stopping,” says Roland Reichert, global market manager for automotive for Bal Seal Engineering. “Together with industry design engineers, we’re using these innovative springs to accelerate advances in racing and EV technology.”

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EMC & eMobility

For a company embarking on EMC testing for either component or vehicle-level testing of their EV products, it is necessary first to have a good understanding of the EMC regulatory situation.

As an electrical contact element, the Bal Spring effectively manages high, medium, and low current with minimal heat rise. The spring’s highly conductive properties and unique design also enable it to provide superior shielding against EMI/RFI, particularly in high-frequency, small-package applications. Its independent coils compensate for misalignment and surface irregularities, ensuring optimal charging efficiency and current transmission — even under shock and vibration.

In mechanical fastening applications, the Bal Spring latches, locks, or holds with forces that can be precisely controlled to meet virtually any connection requirement. The spring resists compression set and can withstand thousands of insertion and removal cycles.

With experience in both professional racing and production E&HV applications, Bal Seal Engineering specializes in helping OEMs develop performance breakthroughs. The company’s products, which also include fluid seals and electrical contacts, employ
Bal Spring canted coil spring technology.

About Bal Seal Engineering, Inc.

Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. is a leading global provider of custom-engineered sealing, connecting, conducting, and EMI/RFI shielding and grounding solutions. The company’s products employ unique Bal Spring™ canted coil spring technology to promote enhanced equipment performance and reliability. For the latest news and information about Bal Seal Engineering, visit, call 800.366.1006, or e-mail

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