QuadTech Releases New Software for DC Loads

QuadTech a leading provider of electrical safety testers, passive component measurement solutions, ac and dc programmable power sources and dc electronic loads, today released softpanel software for the 44000 Series DC Programmable Electronic Loads.

The softpanel software allows the 44000 Series DC Programmable Electronic Loads to be easily controlled using point-and-click software screens. The Soft Panels communicate with the DC loads via available USB, RS232 or GPIB Interfaces.

The Soft Panel allows for configuration and read back of voltage, current and power from the DC loads using a GUI front panel. Robert Brown, VP of Technical Operations for QuadTech says, “Customers will really like some of the special features this software offers.” Those special features, include: AutoReporting to save data to a file, Static and Dynamic control of all features, Custom Sequencing for complex testing requirements and dedicated testing.

One of the dedicated tests is for battery testing, having been designed to test a batteries’ discharge characteristics by setting a fixed load and measuring the battery output voltage. Once the measured voltage drops to the programmed cutoff potential, loading is stopped and the total electric charge (mA-hour) is calculated.

The 44000 Soft Panel Software also allows customers to program Mode, Slew, Frequency and Times. Brown adds, “The software also has the ability to create test sequences and record voltage, current and power.”
The Softpanel software is easy to install and even easier to use, and runs on Windows XP and Windows 7. RS232 is standard on the 44000 Series DC Programmable Electronic Loads, with optional USB or GPIB.
QuadTech offers softpanel software for all of it’s AC and DC Power Sources and DC Electronic Loads.