QuadTech Releases New Online Video Demos for All Power Products

QuadTech, a leading provider of electrical safety testers, passive component measurement solutions, ac and dc programmable power sources and dc electronic loads, has created new Softpanel Software Video Demos for AC Programmable Power Sources, DC Programmable Power Sources and DC Programmable Electronic Loads.

The Softpanel Software Video Demos provide customers a brief overview of how QuadTech’s software adds value to testing with power product line equipment.  These demos illustrate features and benefits of using the software and are a great resource for customers. Robert Brown, VP of Technical Operations at QuadTech, says, “One of the reasons these demos are such great tools is because they show step-by-step examples of performing various tests, giving customers a better understanding of how the software works and the advantages of using it.”

Softpanel software helps many customers simplify testing to various standards including MIL-STD-704 and DO-160.  The software has a wide variety of features including point-and-click software screens for easy control, ability to store data to PC, and predetermined tests.  The software runs under Windows XP or Windows 7 and communicates with instruments via RS232, USB or GPIB.

The 31000 Series Softpanel Software is designed to be used with the 31000 or 31000A Series of AC Power Sources.  Specialized features of the softpanel software include autoreporting and custom sequencing for complex testing requirements such as MIL-STD-704 testing. AC Power Sources supported by softpanel software are ideal for commercial, medical, avionic and military applications in both R&D and production. Customers can also program voltage, frequency and current remotely as well as create custom sequencing to vary voltage, frequency and duration.

QuadTech’s 42000 Softpanel Software allows for control of one or multiple QuadTech 42000 Series DC Programmable Power Supplies. The softpanel features List Mode, allowing users to create a sequence of tests that create a wide variety of profiles with programmable voltage, current and time down to 5ms increments. The reporting function measures and logs voltage, current and power multiple times per second, and allows all measured parameters to be logged to a text (*.TXT) file.

QuadTech’s 44000 Series Softpanel Software is designed to be used with the 44000 Series DC Electronic Load. Specialized features include autoreporting to save data to a file, static and dynamic control of all features, custom sequencing for complex testing requirements and dedicated testing like battery testing. Customers can also create test sequences, record voltage, current and power, and program mode, slew, frequency and times.

The video demos can be found at www.quadtech.com, along with complete product information on all of QuadTech’s test and measurement equipment including Hipot Testers, LCR Meters, AC and DC Power Sources, DC Loads and Medical Systems.