QuadTech Celebrates 20th Anniversary

QuadTech, a leading provider of electrical safety testers, passive component measurement solutions, ac and dc programmable power sources and dc electronic loads, is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary. Founder and Chairman of the Board, Phil Harris, created QuadTech in March of 1991 when he bought the Precision Instrument Division of General Radio (GenRad), an electronic test equipment manufacturer and one of the most respected names in the test and measurement industry.

While GenRad decided to focus their efforts on automatic test equipment (ATE) business, Harris’s newly formed QuadTech entered the Test and Measurement Instrumentation market selling GenRad’s Precision Product Line (PPL). Over the last 20 years, QuadTech has continued to evolve and build it’s reputation as a leading provider of electrical test solutions in the test and measurement industry.

Today, QuadTech is focused on selling testing solutions, ranging from basic hipot testers, cable testers, lcr meters, ac/dc programmable power sources and dc electronic loads to automated electrical test solutions, featuring QuadTech’s proprietary automation software. QuadTech test systems can test to some of the most stringent testing standards, like IEC 60601-1.

While QuadTech’s product offerings have evolved over the last 20 years, the company philosophy and mission have remained steadfast: Make the Customer Successful. From the top down, QuadTech employees are focused on supporting the customer.

Says Harris, “In addition to our great products, I continue to believe that the greatest asset of QuadTech is our people. The values we have established like mutual respect, open communications, and integrity have enabled us to build a quality organization and cohesive team.” Adds Harris, “Our employees are critical to achieving our mission. Without their dedication and hard work, we would not be able to offer our customers premier service and support.”

QuadTech maintains a Customer Care Center, comprised of the most knowledgeable sales and customer service representatives, applications support, engineering and service technicians in the test and measurement industry. Kim Southern, QuadTech President and CEO says, “We will always do everything in our power to help the customer achieve their testing objectives.  QuadTech has been committed to serving its customers for the past 20 years, and we will work to continue to earn and keep the trust of our customers.”