Pulse/Surge Protection Resistor Offers Improved Power Rating

KOA Speer Electronics announces the release of a new compact 0402-size pulse/surge current thick film chip resistor that features enhanced ESD protection. The SG73P (pulse) and SG73S (surge) series chip resistors feature an improved power rating (0.125W), twice the power rating of KOA’s standard RK73 0402-size resistor.

KOA Speer’s new thick film chip resistors offer excellent performance in pulse and/or surge handling, with a resistance range between 1Ω ~ 10MΩ. These high performance pulse/surge current resistors also feature a T.C.R. of ±100ppm/K, with tolerances of ±0.5%, ±1%, ±2% and ±5%. In addition to the 0402 size, the SG73S and SG73P series are also available in sizes from 0603 to 1210.


KOA Speer’s SG73P/S series provide stable, reliable performance in demanding pulse/surge applications, including: power supplies, telecommunications, motor controls and circuit protection devices.

Pricing begins at $0.30 and is dependent upon specifications and quantity. Please contact KOA Speer for more information.

About KOA Speer:
KOA Speer Electronics, an ISO 9001:2000 and TS-16949 certified company, has served the electronics industry since 1980. KOA Speer’s wide range of products includes thick and thin film resistors, current sensing resistors and resistor arrays; thermal sensors, fuses and varistors for circuit protection; wire wound, multilayer, power and thin film inductors; ceramic capacitors and ferrite bead EMI/EMC filters; and diodes, LTCCs and modules. The company has introduced over 200 new products in the past few years.

KOA Speer Electronics is an affiliate of KOA Corporation, whose global presence includes corporate headquarters in Japan, a European sales office and twenty-four manufacturing facilities located throughout the Pacific Rim. The KOA Speer product family of surface mount and leaded passive components is ideal for diverse markets including telecommunications, computers, automotive, consumer and industrial controls.