Pulsed Magnetic Fields to Focus Nano-therapeutic Magnetic Particles

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A team from the University of Maryland (UMD) and the Weinberg Medical Physics LLC (WMP) have developed a technique using fast pulsed magnetic fields to focus nano-therapeutic magnetic particles to deep targets. This method has the potential to transform the way deep-tissue tumors and other diseases are treated.

“What we have shown experimentally is that by exploiting the physics of nanorods we can use fast pulsed magnetic fields to focus the particles to a deep target between the magnets.”

Professor Benjamin Shapiro

Using pulsed magnetic fields, the team reversed the behavior of magnetic nano-particles by an initial pulse that can orient rod-shaped particles without pulling them. A subsequent pulse will then push the particles deeper before they can reorient. Through repeated pulses, the particles successfully focus in on locations deep between the electromagnets. The goal for the team is to use this technique in place of surgery or systemically administered treatments, such as chemotherapy.


Read the complete published study:
Dynamic Inversion Enables External Magnets to Concentrate Ferromagnetic Rods to a Central Target


Source: PR Newswire | University of Maryland

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