Provisional Deal on EU Product Safety Directives

The Committee of Permanent Representatives Committee in the EU (COREPER) unanimously approved an agreement reached during the debates with the European Parliament on updating eight product safety directives. The EU harmonized legislation will provide a high level of consumer protection and will contribute to a better operation of the EU single market.

The proposed product safety directives will still ensure the free movement of safe goods. European producers will be protected in a more consistent manner against importers of dangerous products from other countries.

The provisional agreed text of the eight directives establishes the harmonized rules on non-automatic weighing instruments, measuring instruments, simple pressure vessels, lifts, explosives for civial uses, electrical equipment, and equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres and apparatus with EMC requirements still need to be adopted by the European Parliament Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee. After they’ve been adopted, the directives will have to be approved by the European Parliament’s plenary session and the EU Council.

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