Protektive Pak Now Offers Velostat Round Countainers

Round containerProtektive Pak is now offering Velostat Round Containers that were once part of the 3M Static Control Products line.  Velostat is a black conductive material designed for controlling static charges by eliminating ElectroStatic Discharge – ESD  Velostat™ material made of a polymeric foil (polyolefines) impregnated with carbon black to make it electrically conductive. This container is ideal for static-safe storage, kitting, and in-process handling and transporting of static sensitive assemblies and devices. The container is 3-13/16” in diameter by 4-11/16” high. Item number 57018.

Protektive Pak® products are made in America.

For additional information contact Protektive Pak at 909-627-2578 or email

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