Protective Industrial Polymers Announces Release of Protect 200 ESD UR

Protective Industrial Polymers announced the release of Protect 200 ESD UR, a low-odor, high-solids ESD urethane coating system. This three-component, chemical-resistant, aliphatic polyester ESD urethane coating produces a non-yellowing, thin-film, semi-gloss to satin finish that is available in a variety of colors, including near white and bright blues. This system can also be used without a pigment pack as a translucent or near-transparent topcoat for decorative quartz or flake floor systems.

Protect 200 ESD UR offers superior impact and abrasion resistance and resists staining and major chemical spills of cleaning and industrial chemicals. This product also exhibits an extremely low, non-offensive odor making it an ideal ESD-control coating for use in facilities where maintenance shutdown is not possible. Variable texture, skid resistance and abrasion resistance can be achieved with the addition on PIP’s GlossGrip and/or DiamondWear enhancement additives. Utilizing elastomeric base materials would also allow Protect 200 ESD to function as an anti-fatigue material.

Protect 200 ESD UR can be installed in a number of different environments where the damaging effects of electrostatic discharge (ESD) cannot be tolerated. Primary industries that use ESD flooring include Electronic Assembly, Data Processing, Military/Aerospace, Hazardous Industries (dust or explosion hazards).

For more information about Protect 200 ESD UR, please contact Protective Industrial Polymers at 866-361-3331, or via email at