Protecting Sensitive Electronics Power Circuits from EMI

Designing for Performance and Size

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and the many ways it can be conducted and/or radiated in modern electronics systems is an ongoing battle. The latest electronics for military, aerospace, and industrial applications provide vital sensor insights, control/actuation, and remote monitoring of critical infrastructure and equipment.

This whitepaper reviews the current trends that are increasing the threat from EMI, examines the various EMI sources, their prevalence, and the ways they can affect system function and performance, and explains how innovations in power line filter technology can provide effective EMI protection in form factors that meet the space constraints of modern systems.

  • Testing and standard levels required by governments and aircraft manufacturers to ensure aircraft can operate safely in an environment of potentially dangerous HIRF.
  • Protecting sensitive electronics systems from intentional and unintentional interference with innovative power line filtering technology, including new form factors and methods.
  • Benefits of combining a connector with an EMI filter to reduce system failure.

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