Programmable Tester Rocks at Jukebox Manufacturer

In Compliance | Clare Press ReleaseClare’s multi-function HAL 101 programmable tester is rocking to a different beat after being specified for hipot testing at the UK’s only classic jukebox manufacturer. Sound Leisure, one of only two companies in the world producing classic 1940s and 1950s style jukeboxes, is using the HAL 101 to test the transformers used in the products its supplies to customers and distributors throughout North America. At its Leeds factory, dozens of new retro-styled jukeboxes are hand-made for American and Canadian customers each year before being tested to ensure they operate safely and perform as required. The HAL 101 is a programmable hipot tester with a user interface that enables manual use within a product compliance environment. It can be used with a barcode scanner to automate the production flow and enable the tester to be linked directly with most ISO quality systems.

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