Product Standards and Safety Marking, Post-Brexit

The United Kingdom’s House of Commons has released a briefing paper that addresses product safety testing and marking issues in a “no-deal” post-Brexit scenario.

Published in mid-June, the paper begins with the premise that, unless a separation agreement between the UK and the European Union (EU) is reached prior to the October 31st deadline, safety marks issued by UK-based notified bodies will no longer be recognized by EU authorities post-Brexit. In such a situation, UK-based suppliers will be required to have their products tested by an EU-based notified body prior to placing them on the EU market.

However, for products intended for sale within the UK, the briefing paper says that the UK government intends to reclassify UK-based notified bodies as “UK Approved Bodies.” UK Approved Bodies would then be authorized to assess products against relevant UK requirements and issue a new “UKCA” mark. Further, for a “limited” time, manufacturers and suppliers whose products meet the relevant EU requirements and that bear the CE mark would be permitted to place their products on the UK market, even if those products have been assessed by an EU notified body.

The paper says that the UK government will consult with industry before making a decision on when the “limited” period would end.

Read the House of Commons briefing paper on post-Brexit product standards and safety marking in the UK.


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