Pro Ambient Temperature and Pro Meat Probes Recalled

iDevice Temperature Probe Recall | In Compliance Magazine

iDevices, LLC. has issued a recall for cooking thermometer probes manufactured between May 2014 and June 2014. The plastic insulator inside the stainless steel probe can melt and fall into food. The recalled models include Pro Ambient Temperature and Pro Meat Probes.

The temperature probes have two indentations where the probe base meets the braided cable, and a have a red, yellow, or green sleeve depending on the model. The probes were sold as an accessory for a variety of iGrill grilling thermometers. Eleven incidents of the probe overheating and the plastic insulator melting during normal use have been reported.  Consumers with recalled temperature probes should immediately stop using the probe and contact the company for a free placement.

Check to see if your cooking thermometer probe is included in the recall.

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