Pre Release Version of IEC 62153-4-15 Standard for Metallic Communication Cable Test Methods

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The International Electrotechnical Commission has announced a pre release version of IEC 62153-4-15:2015 PRV. This is the first edition of the standard for ” Metallic communication cable test methods – Part 4-15: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Test method for measuring transfer impedance and screening attenuation – or coupling attenuation with triaxial cell.” This Final Draft International Standard is an up to 3 months’ pre-release of the official publication. It is available for sale during its voting period: September 11, 2015 to November 13, 2015. By purchasing this FDIS now, you will automatically receive, in addition, the final publication. The pre release version can be purchased on the IEC webstore.


“This part of IEC 62153 specifies the procedures for measuring with triaxial cell the transfer impedance, screening attenuation or the coupling attenuation of connectors, cable assemblies and components, e.g. accessories for analogue and digital transmission systems and equipment for communication networks and cabling (in accordance with the scope of IEC technical committee 46).

Measurements can be achieved by applying the device under test direct to the triaxial cell or with the tube in tube method in accordance with IEC 62153-4-7.”

*Description from the IEC’s website.

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