Powerstax Offers New High Performance Conduction Cooled COTS Power Sources

Powerstax has just added 2 new switch-mode COTS DC-DC power supply units to its portfolio which are designed to cope with even the most demanding application environments. The Behlman VPXtra 1000CM is a rugged, highly reliable, OpenVPX and Vita 62 compliant unit that accepts a wide range 28VDC input. It is 600W DC rated across 5 outputs. These outputs offer 12VDC at 40A, 5VDC at 24A, 3.3VDC at 15A, -12VDC at 2A and +12VDC at 1A, with the unit’s 12VDC output capable of being paralleled in order to attain higher power or for the purpose of including redundancy. The advanced Xtra-Cooling technology dissipates heat from the unit and maximises operational longevity. The VPXtra 1000CM has no minimum load requirement and boasts extremely effective over-voltage, over-current, short circuit and thermal protection features. Its input-to-output isolation covers up to 500VDC, while its line and load regulation are 0.5% and 1.0% respectively.

 To complement this, Powerstax now also markets the VPXtra 1000CD – a dual output COTS DC-DC unit that has the same wide range 28VDC input as the VPXtra 1000CM along with an identical card edge conduction cooling mechanism, but delivers up to 1000W of clean, regulated 12VDC output power and 3.3VDC auxiliary power. Both these units are targeted at deployment in mission-critical airborne, shipboard, vehicle and mobile VPX power applications, as well as high-end industrial hardware. They are IAW MIL-STD-704 compliant.

For more information, visit www.powerstaxplc.com