Power analysis with Rohde & Schwarz Oscilloscopes

Rohde & Schawrz offers high-voltage probes and current probes as well as a new deskew fixture that is ideal for applications requiring precise power measurements including the development of power supplies and embedded hardware.

Is the power supply sufficient for all operating modes used in embedded designs? Do the input and output of the switching power supply meet specifications? These are the questions facing developers in all industries. The R&S RTO and R&S RTM oscilloscopes from Rohde & Schwarz are the right tools for analyzing power supply units. The frontends of both instruments have outstanding features offering clear advantages over other solutions. Their high dynamic range allows for precise characterization of the power on operations of an embedded system.

Power analysis requires that users measure voltage and current. Rohde & Schwarz offers high end voltage and current probes and now also the new R&S RT-ZF20 deskew fixture. The deskew fixture makes it easy to measure delay differences, which can then be corrected in the oscilloscope.

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