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Power Adapters Sold with LectroFan Sound Machines Recalled by ASTI

LectroFansoundmachinePower Adapters purchased with LectroFan Sound Machines sold exclusively at have been recalled by ASTI. The casing on the power adapter can break when plugged into an electrical outlet, exposing its metal prongs, posing an electrical shock hazard.

The adapter has “ASTI AC Adapter” and model number XHY050050UCC printed on the side. The LectroFans were black or white with a matching black or white power adapter. The LectroFan machines have a serial number between 3 551615 528640 and 3 551615 618639 or between 3 551636 000010 and 3 551636 285179. The serial number is printed on a label on the bottom of the machine and “LectroFan” is printed on the front.

This recall effects approximately 35,000 units. ASTI has received three reports of power adapters breaking or pulling apart, exposing the metal prongs.

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Consumers should immediately stop using the LectroFan, disconnect the power adapter and contact the firm to receive a free replacement power adapter. Consumers can continue to use the sound machine with the USB cable supplied with the LectroFan by plugging it into a computer’s USB port or into another power adapter.  The firm is contacting all purchasers of the recalled product directly.

Reference: CPSC

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